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Philips and star head screws can’t handle a lot of torque without stripping. If your rusted screws remain stuck or you’ve stripped the screw heads, try cutting a notch into each head and removing them with a flat blade screwdriver.

Age. While the KTM 350SXF has been around since 2011, the Husqvarna FC350 didn’t make its appearance in America until 2015. Since in the first couple years the KTM 350SXF suffered power and electrical problems, Husky didn’t miss much. Plus, KTM’s CEO Stefan Pierer didn’t buy Husqvarna from BMW until late 2013, so the 2014 Husqvarnas were the first to use platform-sharing with KTM.

ArcWorld 1200: Redesigned, pre-engineered welding workcell features the Motoman AR1440 arc welding robot equipped with AccuFast laser-based seam finding and ComArc LV (low voltage) seam tracking capability; dual-station configuration facilitates easy part loading, unloading

“With thinner materials, we can reduce the down-force [to avoid crushing the part],” adds Baeumler. “However, there’s a trade-off. Friction will take longer to heat the part, so cycle time will increase.”

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For once we do, we will act with what the French call savoir-faire: that poise and grace that is demanded of us in dealing with social situations; or what the Italians call sprezzatura: that seemingly effortless ease that comes after much careful study, so that actions look and feel invitingly spontaneous.

This three kilometre stretch is packed with retail outlets. It is also representative of our largest purchasing power segment – the middle class. The shop signs are a visual cacophony. Go to Zamzama in Karachi, Mall Road in Lahore or Murree Road in Rawalpindi, and the experience is similar – if not worse.

The key is to find your best air pressure. Think of this pressure as being the same as whatever coil springs you used to race with back in the day. Did you ever change your coil springs between motos? Didn’t think so. Thus, find the right air pressure for your speed, weight and track, and stick with it. From that point on, all adjustments should be done with the clickers.

Having established the brand promise of shiny shoes, Cherry Blossom then focused on the ancillary but important set of benefits it provides. Subsequent campaigns focused on the top reasons to use Cherry Blossom.

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They were fully functional, but they lacked aesthetics and did not even attempt to make the user experience easy. The flaw was that technology people are very good with coding but useless at design and communication.

Given the emphasis on training, the people who worked at Radio Pakistan as newscasters, voice-over artists, writers and producers eventually went on to make their careers in cinema, theatre and television.

For this rocker arm example, the first concern does not apply as Misumi 3 Series is tolerant of generic M3 nuts. Item number two — reduced fastener torque limit — is acceptable as long as it is still sufficient for what we need on a 3D printed plastic project. And item three — assembly convenience — is something we can get back with some clever 3D printing.

In this Dec. 15, 2016 photo, Roy Clark poses at his office in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Photo: Matt Barnard/AP)

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